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  • Its completely FREE
  • Reduce doctor work load
  • Reduce patient physical contact at the clinics or hospitals during the Covid-19 period
  • Collect payment upfront from Patients
  • Doctors can work from anywhere including home and their office
  • Reach new patients online
  • No Installation
  • Easy to USE

Common Questions

  • Is it Free to for doctors to use LiveMD platform - Yes
  • How much do I get paid? - Consultation Fees paid by the patient. A small percentage is taken by LiveMD to maintain our systems and business.
  • Are my doctors required to be Licensed? - Yes
  • How can I begin? Complete registration, email company registration proof with the government, receive approval email after verification
  • What type of Consultation can patient request? Text, Phone, Video or In-Person Consultation
  • Can I control the times I am available? Yes, using LiveMD availability tool
  • How do I talk to patient? Around the time of your appointment, click on Phone or Video and LiveMD platform will automatically connect you and the patients by phone or video
  • When do I respond to Text consultation? No more than 48 hours after receiving a text consultation question from a patient
  • Is my phone number kept private? Your number and the patients' numbers are kept private. LiveMD communication system shields your phone number from patients and vice versa
  • How will my doctors get paid? Proceeds from doctors' consultation will go to your company's LiveMD account. Company will be responsible for compensating their doctors.